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AOG Lifestyle Barbecue Grill BBQ

AOG Lifestyle Barbecue Grill BBQ

AOG is designed and manufactured by the same company that brought you Fire Magic premium grills. Professional AOG Barbecue Grills brings excellence to your outdoor kitchen cooking experience. AOG Barbecue Grills are designed for Built-In, Freestanding Residential, and Post-Mounted Commercial applications. The Post-Mounted AOG barbecue Grills are perfect for commercial applications such as apartments, condos parks and any other site where limited space exists. Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas retails the complete line of AOG Barbecue Grills whether you need it for a built-in Island, Freestanding Residential Cart or Commercial application.

Built-In AOG Barbecue Grill Models

Perfect built-in grills to match your custom outdoor kitchen. Choose your grill size and matching accessories.

Freestanding Cart Barbecue Grill Models

AOG Portable Outdoor Grills can be used on the patio, deck, by the pool, in the shade, or just about anywhere!

AOG Post Model Barbecue Grill

The AOG Post Model BBQ Grills are perfect for commercial residential communities such as apartments, condominiums and or parks and recreation facilities.


AOG Barbecue Island Accessories – Doors, Drawers, Side Burners & More

AOG Access Doors, Access Drawers, Side Burners and Barbecue Island Accessories are all constructed from the finest commercial-grade stainless steel and features high performance functionality. The AOG line of outdoor kitchen accessories combine beauty and functionality into a highly durable product that will last.

 Barbecue Island Access Doors & Access Drawers