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Great Barbecue Flavour – Broil King Barbecue Grills

A performance engineered cooking system designed to maximize flavour for outstanding results.

Performance and Versatility

Broil King Freestanding Barbecue Grill

Broil King Freestanding Barbecue Grill

Every Broil King® gas grill is built to perform and provide unparalleled cooking versatility. No matter what model you choose, the legendary Broil King® cooking system gives you the ability to cook almost anything on your grill in any style you desire. You can sear steaks to perfection, rotisserie cook chickens or roasts, and even bake elaborate desserts. Every part of the cooking system is designed and engineered for a specific purpose. When combined, the results are simply spectacular. There’s no mistaking the Great Barbecue Flavour you get on a Broil King®.

Galaxy Outdoor is an Official Retailer of Broil King Barbecue Grills

Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas is an official retailer of Broil King and in our professional opinion is a perfect alternative to the Weber brand BBQ grilling system.

The Broil King Freestanding Barbecue Grill

These grills are great and are either made of die-cast aluminum, porcelain enameled steel, or high-grade stainless steel. Broil King Barbecue Grills offer amazing heat retention as well as long lasting durability. The oven is designed to ensure even heat dispersion, retention and precision control. The bottom of grill even creates a vaporization effect from the extra drippings, efficiently keeping the flavor right where it should be within the meat.

The Grill Grates – Steakhouse Grill Marks

These professional cooking grates deliver excellent heat retention and exceptional searing power that lock in the meats flavorful juices. Constructed of heavy cast iron, the grill grates have two sides. One side is pointed for those perfect steak house sear marks while the other side has grooves for continuous basting. These professional grill grates are easy to clean and durable.

The Flav-R-Wave

The stainless steel  Flav-R-Wave provides superior heat distribution across the entire surface of the Broil King Barbecue Grill and protects the burners. Drippings that fall onto the Flav-R-Wave (Flavorizer) are instantly vaporized. The vapor created through this process infuses back into the food for that unmistakable BBQ flavor.

The Burner – Power & Performance

Made from high quality stainless steel,  the patented Dual-Tube™ burners are designed to ensure a consistent flame from front to back while the Super 8™ Infinity covers the entire base of the oven with up to 326 ports. Both will heat up to searing temperatures in a matter of minutes for the most efficient grill performance.

The Control – Perfect Temperature

Linear-Flow™ valves with 180° Sensi-Touch™ control knobs give you infinite heat control, allowing you to set your Broil King Barbeque Grill to the perfect temperature for searing, roasting or slow cooking.

The Brand New 2014 Broil King Lineup Details

With a stylish, distinct look and carefully sculpted curves, the Broil King line of gas grills will complement any outdoor environment. Performance features for most models include heavy duty cooking grids that deliver searing heat across the entire grilling surface creating a 100 percent sear zone and a stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™ that fills the entire cook box ensuring maximum vaporization and great barbecu e flavor.

At the heart of the grill are independen tly controlled stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burners with Linear Flow™ valves that provide precise temperature control. “With a Broil King barbecue, you don’t have to give a second thought to flavor” says Ted Mealing, Dire ctor of Marketing at OMC.

“The design of our barbecues, from the quality of our materials to the way all components work together, ensure superior performance and flavor. It is th is type of attention to detail and commitment to qu ality that sets Broil King apart from other brands.”