Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 BBQ Grill - Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas

The Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 Barbecue Grill Line by Galaxy Outdoor

The Galaxy Outdoor Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 Barbecue Grill is “The Most Advanced Cooking System In The World” and is the winner of the prestigious 2014 Hearth & Home Vesta Award. When it comes to grilling, the Kamado Rocket is the most diverse cooking system in the industry because of it’s ability to grill, smoke and act as a convection oven. It’s no wonder it’s the 2014 Hearth & Home Vesta Award winner in the category of Charcoal, Wood Barbecues & Smokers. The Kamado Rocket comes in a freestanding model, cart model and can also be used as a built-in grill for barbecue island applications. The Kamado Rocket is the 21st century version of the tried and true Japanese Kamado style grill. We’ve taken the Kamado style grill to a whole new level.

Kamado History

Japanese Cherry TreeKamado, (pronounced Kah-mah’-dough), in Japanese loosely translates to oven, smoker, or stove, even a fireplace. There is no true translation in English. No matter the language, you will find it does all of these things as well as baking, barbecuing, smoking, roasting, and just about any other methods of cooking for any kinds of food. Prior to the modern conveniences we have today, this was the go to method for cooking/barbecuing. It is still a major appliance in this modern day, just more of a well kept secret. The only limits for your Kamado Rocket is your imagination!


The Kamado Rocket Standard Features and Components

  • Cool to the touch, Ergonomic Stainless Steel Handle
  • High Quality, Precision Temperature Gauge
  • Stainless Steel Draft Door
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grate with Oversized Hinged Door
  • All #304 Stainless Steel Bands and Hardware
  • Insulating Fire Gasket at all Openings
  • Damper Top that won’t Simply “Fall Off”
  • Two Nitrogen Spring Loaded Shocks
  • Gas Burner Assembly
  • Lower Bracket with Pizza Stone / Deflector Stone
  • Key Valve With Key
  • 10′ Flex Gas House with Quick Disconnect
  • Stainless Steel Fire Box (Charcoal Holder)
  • High Load, Rubber Wheeled Casters with Sealed Bearings (2 Locking)
  • Sample of Rocket Sauce & Rub
  • Flex Lighter
  • Owners Manual – Limited Lifetime Warranty