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Galaxy Outdoor Sponsors Team Canada at World Food Championships

Team Canada - World Food Championships Las Vegas 2014

Go Team Canada! World Food Championships 2014

Team Canada Official Logo

Team Canada Official Logo

Galaxy Outdoor has agreed to sponsor two teams this year at the World Food Championships. One of those participants being Team Canada. We’re truly excited to see how our teams do this year and we hope that Las Vegas will come out and show some support for them. We would also like to share some information about this amazing barbecuing Canucks!

About Team Canada

Team Canada Award Ceremony

Team Canada Award Ceremony

Recognized by the Consult General of Canada as the Canadian National BBQ Team at Memphis In May World Championship Cooking Contest. We are a Federal Not for Profit Corporation comprised of multidisciplinary members. Moreover, several of the team have already won awards at prestigious events such as Smoked to the Bone, Canadian Whole Hog Championship, Memphis in May, the Jack Daniel’s Invitational and the World Food Championships.


Mike Callaghan – Pit Master of the former Black Pig BBQ and head Pit Master for Team Canada BBQ. Pit Master Mike Callaghan and Barb vanRassel have been on the competition circuit since 2008 and have numerous accolades including Canadian Whole Hog Champion in 2011.


Barbara Van Rassel – Member of Black Pig BBQ, and Mike’s wife. Organizer, facilitator, and manager of Team Canada BBQ.


Shawn & Lana Danko – Team Canada is very proud to present one of our founding members, Shawn Danko from the Kooky Canuck in Memphis TN, famous for the Kookamonga Challenge. With roots from both Montreal and Toronto, Shawn’s proud Canadian heritage is not only emphasized in his restaurant but in his daily activities. You can often see Shawn sporting his red tunic at numerous events. Shawn has shared with the team 8 calls to the podium at numerous world championship competitions.


Sean Vodden – Professional chef in Toronto ON., Canada and bbq chef for the team. Former pit master of the amateur team Uncle Richie’s Hillbilly BBQ and 2012 Canadian Amateur winner.


Jason Savage – Owner of Barbacoa BBQ in Quebec City and professional BBQ pit master. Team Canada’s National Operations Manager Jason brings not only his great cooking skills but his 1st Place Beans from the World Food Championship 2013 – Side Dish Category under his competition team Hellfire BBQ.


Tabitha Woodall – Dishwasher, and social media. (“We just had to mention this valuable asset to the team. It really does sound like Tabitha is the cheese that holds this burger together! – Galaxy Outdoor”)


Team Canada Photos

The Award Winning Team Canada

Team Canada Group Photo

Team Canada Group Photo

Mike and Barb have been on the competition circuit since 2008 and have earned their spot in Canadian BBQ by the numerous awards over the years. Mike has a true passion for cooking, competition and flare. From 2008 until November 2013 Mike and Barb along with Shawn and Lana, were head of Black Pig BBQ.

Black Pig BBQ attended Memphis in May since 2010 winning various awards and accolades. The team created many friendships with other teams, sponsors and continuously represented Canada with pride. Mike was approached with an idea of creating a National Team and so the processes started.

In November 2013 while the World Food Championships, the official letter was received commissioning Black Pig BBQ to create and run Canada’s official BBQ team. Team members were hand selected based on previous competition and cooking experience. Memphis in May 2014 was Team Canada’s competition debut where the team won first place BBQ sauce, 5th place seafood, and 11th place whole hog. The team continued to compete, vend and promote Canadian competition BBQ throughout the rest of the season with their finale to be in Las Vegas at the World Food Championships. Team Canada earned their recipe ticket last year from placing 4th over all and won a BBQ ticket for winning the La Salle Smoke off, Whole Hog, in La Salle Ontario.


Our National and International Awards

2014 Memphis in May World Championship Cooking Contest
1st Place BBQ Sauce (tomato)

2014 Memphis in May World Championship Cooking Contest
5th Place Seafood

2014 Canadian Whole Hog Champion
Top Canadian Team

2013 World Food Championship Recipe
2nd Place

2013 World Food Championship BBQ Division
1 Place BBQ Side Dish
(Hellfire’s BBQ Beans)

2013 Memphis in May World Championship Cooking Contest
2nd Place Beef

2013 Memphis in May World Championship Cooking Contest
3rd Place Exotic

2012 World Food Championship Recipe Division
2nd Place

2012 World Food Championship Recipe Division
6th Place Final Table

2012 Memphis in May World Championship Cooking Contest
5th Place Whole Hog

2011 Zantac Canadian National Chili Challenge
1st Place

2011 Upper Canada BBQ Champion
Top Canadian BBQ team

2011 Memphis in May World Championship Cooking Contest
1st Place Beef

2011 Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue
1st Place Cook’s Choice

2011 Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue
8th Place Desert

2011 Canadian Whole Hog Champion
Top Canadian BBQ team

2010 Zantac Canadian National Chili Challenge
1st Place

2010 Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue
3rd Place Ribs

2009 Zantac Canadian National Chili Challenge
1st Place

Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas

Come on into our Las Vegas, Nevada BBQ Grill and Outdoor Kitchen superstore today! We have everything from Professional BBQ Grills, BBQ Islands, Fire Features, BBQ Supply and so mush more. We also look forward to seeing you at the World Food Championships 2014.

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Galaxy Outdoor Press Release August 13th, 2014

Galaxy Outdoor Press Release

Las Vegas-based Galaxy Outdoor recently constructed the Fox 5 Galaxy Outdoor Kitchen, viewable HERE on the Galaxy Outdoor website. Galaxy built the outdoor kitchen for the brand new cooking segments that will be hosted at the Fox 5 News studio.

Galaxy Outdoor Kitchen Kickoff – Fox 5 News

Galaxy Outdoor Fox 5 News Studio Kitchen

FOX 5 Galaxy Outdoor Kitchen Studio

FOX 5 Galaxy Outdoor Kitchen Studio – Tune into Fox 5 News to watch their cooking segments

After designing and constructing the kitchen, we went on to install three major cooking platforms. We wanted to make sure that they had everything for their upcoming Food Wars broadcast. We started with our flagship Kamado Rocket, in this case the “Red Rocket” which was tiled to match their studio colors. The Kamado Rocket by Galaxy Outdoor is the ultimate 3-In-1 barbecue grill. Its capabilities are out of this world because it acts a standard grill, convection oven and a low-n-slow smoker. Whether you’re into using charcoal or gas, radiant or convection, this innovative grill does it all. The Kamado Rocket was the recipient of the Hearth & Home 2014 Vesta Award due to its unique cooking capabilities and efficiency. We realistically could have stopped there as far as cooking components go but we continued with two more amazing cooking components.


Fox 5 Outdoor Kitchen Studio - Evo 30" Cooktop Grill

Fox 5 Outdoor Kitchen Studio – Evo 30″ Cooktop Grill

We also installed the Evo Affinity 30G Calssic Cooktop. The Evo Affinity is a diverse cooking product that promotes the social experience while cooking outdoors. It’s a product that’s great for families as well as hibachi style cooking. With the Evo, foods can be prepared directly on the cooktop (pizza’s tortilla’s, meat, etc). You can even use pots and pans allowing it to be used for traditional stove top cooking. The Evo 30G was definitely a culinary asset to the Fox 5 Studio kitchen.
Last but not least we modified a PGS 48” Professional Barbecue Grill. We basically just removed the hood to allow increased visibility during their cooking segments, we wouldn’t want you miss even a moment of the action. The PGS 36” BBQ Grill includes 4 burners that produce a total of 100,000 BTU’s of grilling potential. It has 966 square inches of cooking area and is great for grilling.The awesome Evo Affinity 30G Classic Cooktop will be on display during the upcoming Food Wars hosted by Fox 5 News Studio.

Business Is Great Here At Galaxy Outdoor Of Las Vegas, Nevada

Galaxy Outdoor has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past two years with absolutely no signs of letting up any time soon. We pride ourselves on producing high quality American made products which are affordable to the everyday consumer. As growth of our company goes, we’re expanding! We’ve just augmented our company by securing a brand new Chief Financial Officer by the name of Frank Treadwell, along with Arthur Bell who’s been awarded the position as our new Director of Sales. Need more information? – Contact (702) 448-5600.

Galaxy Outdoor Showroom Virtual Tour

Fire Magic Aurora Charcoal Built-in Full

Galaxy Outdoor Showroom – 360° Virtual Tour

Galaxy Outdoor Showroom Front Building With Galactic Sky

Galaxy Outdoor Showroom Front Building With Galactic Sky

Galaxy Outdoor is the largest Barbecue Grill Retailer and Outdoor Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer in Las Vegas, Nevada. Below you’ll find The Galaxy Outdoor Showroom Virtual Tour which gives you a digital tour of our facility before you come down. Summer is coming and it’s the perfect time to start your Outdoor Kitchen project or purchase that professional Lynx Barbecue Grill you’ve had your eye on. You’ll find that Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas is the Barbecue Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Superstore. If you don’t believe us, just take a virtual look around.

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Galaxy Outdoor Grilling Class with Chef Phillip Dell

Food Networks Chopped Champion Chef Phillip Glen

The Galaxy Outdoor Kamado Rocket Grilling Class With Food Network’s Chopped Champion Phillip Dell – 4/13/2014

Professional Chef Phillip Dell Holding TongsThe Galaxy Outdoor Showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada hosted it’s very first professional Kamado Rocket grilling/cooking class this last weekend on the day of April 13th 2014. The instructor of the Kamado Rocket Grilling class was professional Chef Phillip Dell. I’m sure you’ve heard of the amazing Chef Phillip Dell from his conquests and as the winner of The Food Networks own Chopped series – Chopped – Cook Your Butt Off” episode. Below you’ll find a photo gallery of the Galaxy Outdoor Kamado Rocket Grilling Class host by chef Phil Dell.


Galaxy Outdoor Cooking Class – ” The Best Kept Secrets of the Grill” 4/13/14

Chopped Champion Phil Dell Trimming Ham

Chopped Champion Phil Dell Trimming Ham

Here is the first ever Galaxy Outdoor professional cooking class, hosted by none other than our Las Vegas, Nevada Food Network – Chopped Champion Phil Dell. Below you’ll find our tribute gallery to this excellent chef and his amazing skills on the grill. We would also like to remind everyone about the free grilling class you receive with the purchase of our Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 Professional Barbecue Grill.

The Galaxy Outdoor Cooking Class – What We Grilled and Demonstrated at our First Class

Chef Phillip Dell demonstrated his own innovative & easy ways he utilizes the Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 Professional Barbecue Grill. He showed our Galaxy Outdoor class some professional techniques that he uses with his very own Kamado Rocket Grill. Below we’ve listed some of the items he demonstrated with in this professional class.

Some of the Grilled Items this Chopped Champion Demonstrated:

  • Sweet Rolls
  • Bacon-Sausage Stuffed Beef Roll
  • Potato Gratin with Asparagus, Caramelized Onions & FreshHerbs
  • Apple Pie in a Bag (Literally an Apple Pie that was baked in a bag on a Kamado Rocket BBQ Grill)


The Kamado Rocket 3-in-1 Barbecue Grill was the Hearth & Home Vesta Award Winner of 2014

See the Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 Barbecue Grill Website for Specifications Now!

Hearth & Home 2014 Vesta Award Trophy Inside Kamado Rocket

Hearth & Home 2014 Vesta Award Trophy Inside Kamado Rocket

Nobody does grilling like the Galaxy Outdoor Showroom located right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. We Retail Professional Barbecue Grills, Custom Design & Manufacture BBQ Islands, Fire Pits, Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Features, Host Professional BBQ Classes and so much more. We’re Nevada’s Grill Master resource center.

Galaxy Outdoor Kitchens Commercial

Alfresco Custom Island, Alfresco Open Air Culinary Systems - Galaxy Outdoor

Galaxy Outdoor Kitchens – You May Have Seen Us On T.V.

Galaxy Outdoor is the leader in the industry when it comes to Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design & Manufacturing, Custom Fire Pits, Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Features. We’re located centrally in Las Vegas, Nevada. Galaxy Outdoor is here to bring you the ultimate outdoor living experience.


Open to the Public

Gallery_Tuscany Custom IslandOur Galaxy Outdoor Showroom is open to the public and contractors alike. Whether you’re into building your own outdoor kitchen area or would like Galaxy Outdoor to build one for you, we’ve got it all. We offer exclusive pricing and have professionals that can assist you in making your dream a reality.


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Galaxy Outdoor is Here to Exceed Your Expectations

Galaxy Outdoor Design and Manufacturing Processx

Galaxy Outdoor is Here to Exceed Your Expectations

“Our Mission is to Exceed the Expectations of Every Clients”

The Galaxy Outdoor design staff works closely with builders, contractors, and home owners in the design of your outdoor kitchen.
Professionalism, Dedication, and Commitment are some of the terms used to describe the team of individuals at Galaxy Outdoor. Their desire to provide unparalleled customer service in all areas of our company and the requirement of utilizing the highest quality products and materials sets them apart from other outdoor kitchen companies. Whether your looking for a simple but high quality barbeque island to the ultimate in backyard cooking and entertaining, Galaxy Outdoor team members will treat you with the same enthusiasm and the “client first” thought process to ensure your complete satisfaction.