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Galaxy Outdoor Tuscany Custom Island

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Galaxy Outdoor Launches Our New Cooking Class Site

John and Thomas Cooking Samples on the Kamado Rocket BBQ Grill

Galaxy Outdoor Is Excited To Introduce Our Brand New Cooking Class Website

Galaxy Outdoor is the largest BBQ Grill retailer and Outdoor Kitchen manufacturer in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in all types of outdoor cooking systems and now we even teach you how to get the best results from your BBQ Grill. We’re the ultimate BBQ grill superstore!

Our brand new Galaxy Outdoor website is devoted to our professional cooking classes held at our showroom here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Every month we’ll have a brand new themed cooking class for our local BBQ enthusiasts. Our cooking classes will have professional chefs and veteran BBQ grill experts that will show how to get the best results out of your barbecue grilling system.

Professional Grilling Instructors and Experts

Visit the brand new cooking class site now to get more information and sign up for our monthly newsletter!

Food Network Chopped Champion Phillip Dell

Food Network Chopped Champion Phillip Dell Hosting the Galaxy Outdoor “The Best Kept Secrets of the Grill” Cooking Event

Here at Galaxy Outdoor we pride ourselves on selling the best Barbecue Grills and Outdoor Cooking systems. So in alignment with our core beliefs we not only sell the best products but we also have the best instructors here to teach you how to use our high quality outdoor cooking & grilling systems. Our cooking classes are by far the best in the industry and we use professional chefs. Our primary cooking class instructor here at Galaxy Outdoor is Chopped Champion Chef Phillip Dell. You might have seen Chef Dell on the Chopped episode called “Cook Your Butt Off”, where he took the title of Chopped Champion.

Our New Galaxy Outdoor Cooking Class Website

Our goal for the brand new cooking class website is to create the ultimate BBQ enthusiast resource site. We will be posting BBQ recipes, grilling tips & tricks, BBQ News, Grill Reviews, Seasoning & Sauce Reviews and other promotional information for all you BBQ Grill junkies. Check Out the brand new site now…

Professional BBQ Grill Retailer of Las Vegas

Coyote Professional BBQ Grills

Galaxy Outdoor is Las Vegas, Nevada’s Largest Professional BBQ Grill and Custom Outdoor Kitchen Manufacturer

Huge Selection of Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 Barbecue Grills

Huge Selection of Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 Barbecue Grills

Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas, Nevada is the largest professional outdoor BBQ Grill retailer and outdoor kitchen manufacturer in town. We sell a vast selection of professional barbecue grill brands as well as BBQ Grills differing in both functionality and size. We have exactly what you’re looking for whether you’re in the market for a built-in or freestanding model barbecue grill. Below you’ll find a list of just a few of the professional barbecue grill and outdoor kitchen accessory manufacturers we carry here at our Las Vegas, Nevada 10,000 Sq. Ft. Showroom.

Below is a list of just a few of the professional barbecue grills and Outdoor Kitchen Accessories that Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas, Nevada sells.

  • Alfresco – Open Air Culinary Systems
  • Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 Professional Grills
  • AOG Professional BBQ Grills
  • Broil King Professional BBQ Grills
  • Cal Flame Barbecue Grills
  • DCS Grills – Fisher & Paykel
  • Lynx Professional Barbecue Grills
  • Swiss BBQ Grills
  • Evo Barbecue Grills
  • Primo Ceramic Grills
  • Twin Eagles American Made BBQ Grills

Professional Quality Barbecue Grills and BBQ Island Accessories From Over 20 Brands

Visit our Galaxy Outdoor Showroom today to view our huge selection of well known Barbecue Grill brands. You’ll see that when it comes to barbecue grills, Galaxy Outdoor is the leader in the outdoor grilling industry of Nevada.

Premium Barbecue Grills, BBQ Island Accessories and Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Summerset Professional BBQ Grills at Galaxy Outdoor

Custom Summerset Barbecue Island Outdoor Kitchen Area

Summerset Professional BBQ Grills Available at Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas, Nevada

Galaxy Outdoor is Nevada’s #1 Barbecue Grill Retailer, we have professional BBQ Grills for any budget. We’re also a custom designer and manufacturer of the most beautiful and durable modular BBQ Islands for your outdoor kitchen area.

Summerset Professional Barbecue Grill Logo

Summerset Professional Barbecue Grill Logo

Today we would like to talk about Summerset Professional BBQ Grills. Summerset is a barbecue grill manufacturer with some amazing entry level grills as well as an assortment of other custom BBQ Island Accessories and other outdoor cooking products. Summerset manufactures some of the following outdoor grilling products and accessories such as:

  • Feestanding and Built-In Summerset Professional BBQ Grills
  • Access Doors & Access Drawers
  • Refrigerators & Ice Makers
  • Built-In Side Burners
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Combination Doors and Drawers
  • Beverage Centers
  • And So Much More…

Over 18 Years of Leadership in the Professional Barbecue Grill Industry

Summerset Professional BBQ Grills has over 18 years in barbecue industry and is a company with a vast knowledge of outdoor cooking products. Their core focus is clear – to provide consumers with exceptional service and outstanding quality at a great value.

Reliable Products for Every Budget

Summerset Professional BBQ Grills strives to meet every outdoor living aspiration. They offer a wide range of affordable products from their Sizzler Series all the way up to their Alturi Series, without sacrificing an ounce of quality. No matter the budget , Summerset will deliver an outdoor experience that will create fond memories for years to come.

Summerset Superior Quality

Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas, Nevada carries Summerset Professional BBQ Grills because they pride their selves on using only the best materials when constructing their entry level professional barbecue grills and BBQ island accessories. All of their products are made with the highest-grade stainless steel available, designed to withstand the high temperatures and greasy environments of outdoor cooking. Summerset strives to maintain excellence in all that they do and the result is a product you can count on.

View the Summerset Barbecue Grills We Sell Here at Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas, Nevada

Summerset Professional Accessories and Barbecue Island Components are Also Available at Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas, Nevada – Call or Stop in to Our Showroom Today!