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Buy Kamado Rockets at the BBQ Outdoor Marketplace Online

Galaxy Outdoor Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 BBQ Grill

The BBQ Outdoor Marketplace Sells Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 BBQ Grills Now!

Galaxy Outdoor and the BBQ Outdoor Marketplace have teamed up to enable you to purchase the one and only Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 Barbecue Grill online. The BBQ Outdoor Marketplace is one of the select few online retailers allowed to sell the Kamado Rocket. If you’ve never heard of the Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 BBQ Grill it’s the most revolutionary cooking system on the planet. The Kamado Rocket allows you to use it as a direct grill, convection oven as well as a charcoal BBQ and a smoker. Galaxy Outdoor manufactures this American made BBQ grilling product right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the assistance of the BBQ Outdoor Marketplace we’ve enabled national sales through this brand new online BBQ store.

The KVVU Fox 5 News Studio Outdoor Kitchen Has a Kamado Rocket

If you’re a local Las Vegan and watch KVVU Fox 5 News then you’ve probably noticed that they own their very own Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 BBQ Grill. It’s called the Fox 5 “Red Rocket” and you can see it in all of it’s glory in the video we’ve included below.


The Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 Barbecue Grill – Go to the BBQ Outdoor Marketplace Now!

The Kamado Rocket Choice – Go to the Official Kamado Rocket Website

Fox 5 Outdoor Kitchen Studio - Custom Fox 5 Red Kamado Rocket manufactured by Galaxy Outdoor

Fox 5 Outdoor Kitchen Studio – Custom Fox 5 Red Kamado Rocket manufactured by Galaxy Outdoor

The Kamado Rocket combines the traditional kamado style grill concept with 21st century engineering to bring you the hands down best cooking experience on the market today. From the first time you see it, the hand laid tile on the exterior draws you in for a closer look. Every piece of metal from the interior parts to the hardware on the outside is made from U.S. made 304 stainless steel for a low maintenance and trouble free experience. Our industry first gas burner system allows you to rapidly start your charcoal to minimize start up and will actually get hot enough to cook with as well with either propane or natural gas.. The shell is made from a top of the line, thermodynamic material that speeds up the cooking time almost in half in certain instances while keeping food moist and juicy.
The Kamado Rocket is designed to outperform any other type of smoker/grill on the planet, 100% handmade to the highest quality right here in the United States of America, offering more standard options and capabilities than all other smoker/grills combined.
Standard Features and Components

Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 BBQ Grill Features

  • Cool to the touch, Ergonomic Stainless Steel Handle
  • High Quality, Precision Temperature Gauge
  • Stainless Steel Draft Door
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grate with Oversized Hinged Door
  • All #304 Stainless Steel Bands and Hardware
  • Insulating Fire Gasket at all Openings
  • Damper Top that won’t Simply “Fall Off”
  • Two Nitrogen Spring Loaded Shocks
  • Gas Burner Assembly
  • Lower Bracket with Pizza Stone / Deflector Stone
  • Key Valve With Key
  • 10′ Flex Gas House with Quick Disconnect
  • Stainless Steel Fire Box (Charcoal Holder)
  • High Load, Rubber Wheeled Casters with Sealed Bearings (2 Locking)
  • Sample of Rocket Sauce & Rub
  • Flex Lighter
  • Owners Manual – Limited Lifetime Warranty

Purchase the Kamado Rocket Now from the BBQ Outdoor Marketplace!

HPBA Barbecue Grill Buying Guide – Extended

Twin Eagles - American Made Barbecue Grill Sear-Zone

A Consumer Guide to Grill Buying

Quite simply, there are barbecue grills for every need, budget, and lifestyle. Here at Galaxy Outdoor our BBQ Grill specialists are here to guide you into the perfect grill for your specific needs. What you’re going to want in a BBQ Grill is high quality, reliability, safe performance, and durability – and of course, you seek value.

There is a wide world of outdoor cooking choices available, from basic, popular-priced grills with some of the most-used features, to super premium models with every bell and whistle. Our purpose is to provide useful information to help you evaluate your needs, check your budget, and shop for the outdoor appliance that nearly all of us own.

Before You Buy a Barbecue Grill – Things to Consider!

  • Decide if gas, charcoal, pellet, or electric best suits your needs.
  • How important are optional features? (Are you into basic burgers or are you an adventuresome gourmet griller?)
  • What about style? (Will your grill be a backyard centerpiece or just a useful appliance?)
  • How about available budget? Traditionally,home centers, mass merchandisers or hardware stores have offered a wide range of grills for those shopping by price – but many specialty retailers now carry grills at all price points, including those in the premium grill category. The biggest difference is that specialty retailers may offer more one-on-one service.
  • Here’s a big question: how will the grill fit into your future plans for the backyard? Do you simply want a new grill, or will it become the focus of an outdoor room you plan to create? If the latter, you may want to consider a premium grill to which modular units can be added.
  • Assess the available cooking area of various models: do you cook outdoors often? Do you typically barbecue for just your family? Do you frequently entertain larger groups? An ample cooking space is 400 or more square inches.

There’s a lot to consider, but regardless of your choice you’ll know why Americans will fire up their grills billions of times this year!

Gas Barbecue Grills – The Easy, Convenient Choice

Gas grills have gained popularity because they’re ready to cook on in 10 minutes. A gas grill makes it easy to regulate the heat and to cook at several different temperatures at the same time. The more burners a grill has the more cooking flexibility you’ll enjoy, but choose a grill with at least two so you can do indirect cooking. You can cook with the lid open or closed. Gas grills come in various sizes. Grills with small footprints are ideal for a terrace or townhouse. If you have the space, look for a 30-inch, 42-inch or even bigger stainless steel model. These usually offer add-on modules or appliances like wet bars, refrigerators, wine coolers, sear stations and more. Stainless steel is the most durable material and impervious to weather, while stainless steel cooking grids, burners and other parts clean up easily, won’t rust, and last longer. Cast aluminum grill bodies, usually found with a powder-coat finish, require less cleaning time than stainless steel and retain heat better. Porcelain- coated steel is another good alternative. The most popularly priced gas grills sell for between $129 and $299. Grills with more features can run from $700 to $1,500, while top-of-the-line,
all-stainless steel appliances can easily top $5,000.

Charcoal Barbecue Grills – The Traditionalist’s Choice

Some people swear charcoal cooking produces better flavor. Charcoal can create a high temperature for searing, but also can be used for “low and slow” cooking. In addition, you can build a fire on just one side of the grill for indirect cooking. Your charcoal grill also can double as a smoker. Charcoal grills come in all sizes and shapes. They range from small covered cookers with adjustable- height cooking grids, to kettle grills with domed lids high enough to cook a whole turkey, to huge powder-coated steel models. Basic units sell for $50 to $100; deluxe models sell for $400 or more.

Pellet Barbecue Grills – Smokers, It’s All About the Flavor

Many people haven’t yet heard of pellet grills, but as gas prices continue to rise, they’re becoming increasingly popular. Small wood pellets, in a variety of “flavors” such as hickory, mesquite, and oak, provide the energy source and infuse the food with flavor from the resultant smoke. Pellet grills are especially attractive because they are energy efficient and clean burning. Some pellet grills have a dual-fuel unit that can switch over to gas which can reach higher temperatures than pellets. Increasingly, these models include microprocessor-based circuit boards that manage the grill’s entire operation including temperature regulation. Prices for pellet grills generally range from about $600 to $2500.

Electric Barbecue Grills – High Performance and Ideal For an Evolving Demographic Pattern
Electric grills have come a long way – improved technology has resulted in vastly improved performance. These grills are as easy to turn on as your kitchen stove. Some models can reach 700° – great for searing steaks! A small electric grill may be the only option for apartment or condo dwellers. Wherever you plan to put an electric grill, have an outlet nearby, as an extension cord will greatly reduce grill performance. Electric grills begin at about $150 for a small unit that is ideal for a couple or a downsized household. Larger, high-performance, high-end stainless steel models cost $1,800 to $2,000.

Original Article Written by HPBA – Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. Adapted and Extended by Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hearth & Patio Magazine Features Our Swiss Series Island

Swiss Series BBQ Island Package Sale

Galaxy Offering Attractive Retail Package for Consumers – View The Actual Article Here

July 10, 2014 by patiohearthblog

The Swiss Series BBQ Island Package Special is a 6-foot Island with many options.

Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas, Nevada, has a Barbecue Island Package deal perfect for consumers looking to upgrade their backyard or outdoor living area. The Swiss Series BBQ Island Package Special is a 6-foot Island that stands out on showroom floors.

The Swiss BBQ Island Package gives customers options, including their choice of a Danby Outdoor Refrigerator Unit with Trim Kit, or a Swiss Triple Access Drawer. The Swiss BBQ Island Package has the following options and accessories:

  • 6 Ft. Barbecue Island w/ Limited Color Finish Options;
  • Granite Counter-Top with Limited Stock Granite Options;
  • Swiss BI460 Built In Series 30″ Barbecue Grill w/ Rotisserie, 1.2MM Tubular Burners, 8MM Stainless;
  • Steel Grids, Party-Ready Bottle Opener and Swiss Style Thermometer;
  • Option of Danby Outdoor Refrigerator or Swiss Triple Drawer;
  • PCM Vent (located in the back of Barbecue Island);
  • Swiss 27″ Stainless Steel Double Access Doors


Professional Barbecue Grill Retailer of Las Vegas

Lynx Professional Barbecue Grill Brand

Las Vegas, Nevada’s Professional Barbecue Grill Retailer

“With over 14 professional Barbecue, we have all the top brands you’re looking for”

Coyote Barbecue Grill Brand Brand New Front LED Light System

Coyote Barbecue Grill Brand Brand New Front LED Light System

Here at Galaxy Outdoor we have a vast selection of professional barbecue grill brands and are guaranteed to have something within your budget. We’re Nevada’s BBQ Grill superstore! We have top brands such as:

The above listed professional BBQ Grill brands are just a few of the well known manufacturers we carry. Not only are we the largest barbecue grill retailer in town, we also manufacture custom barbecue islands and outdoor kitchen area’s as well. Almost all the grills we sell come in either a freestanding (Cart Model) or Built-In (for barbecue island application). Galaxy Outdoor is here to help you choose a barbecue grill that fits your backyard arrangement.

Galaxy Outdoor – Las Vegas, Nevada’s #1 Barbecue Grill Retailer

DCS Brand Professional 30 Inch Barbecue

DCS Brand Professional 30 Inch Barbecue

Galaxy Outdoor is Las Vegas, Nevada’s premier Professional Barbecue Grill Superstore. We’re one the largest Barbecue Grill showrooms on the West Coast and we sell a vast selection of professional grade culinary barbecue grills, smokers and 3-In-1 Grills. We’re the BBQ Grill Master and Enthusiast destination, we also retail charcoal, wood chunks, wood chips, wood pellets, grill utensils, grill accessories, seasonings, sauces, rubs and so much more. Stop in today to see our 10,000 Sq. Ft. Facility. You’re even able to preview our showroom through our virtual tour below.


Galaxy Outdoor Virtual Tour by Google

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